Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Use a Plastic Bottle to Save Money

Have you ever had a bottle of something, lotion, soap, shampoo, etc. and that last little bit never comes out? Either the pump doesn't grab it or turning the bottle upside down makes it just tip over. In an effort to get every last drop and not waste, I have tried to teeter one bottle on top of another in hopes a brisk breeze doesn't tip the top bottle over. More often than not I am presented with a mess on the counter and no savings what so ever! But I found a solution that eliminates mess and uses every drop. It is a recycle, reduce double doozie! Just use an empty plastic bottle as a funnel to "connect" two containers. Confused? Below are some quick and easy steps to saving money, product and recycling!

Here's How:
1. Get a plastic bottle out of the recycle with an opening that is smaller than the bottle you want liquid in.
2. Cut the bottom portion of the bottle off.
3. Put the top of the plastic cut bottle inside the container you want the liquid in.
4. Put the bottle with the small amount of liquid upside down into the plastic cut bottle.
5. Watch as the liquid easily goes from one bottle to the next!

Here are the two bottles with the cut plastic bottle in the middle.

From RecycleReuseReduce

Here is a close up of the cut bottle, "funnel".

From RecycleReuseReduce

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Jersey's Clean Energy Leaders Recognized by Board of Public Utilities

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU) announced the winners of the 2009 NJ Clean Energy Leadership Awards in seven categories at a special dinner held during Clean Energy Now, the 2009 Clean Energy Conference & Leadership Awards. These awards honor individuals, local and county governments, businesses, institutions and organizations that have improved New Jersey's economic competitiveness and have demonstrated effective solutions for climate change through the effective and innovative use of energy efficiency and renewable technologies.

Trade Ally Award - Nautilus Solar Energy, LLC
Open to suppliers, retailers, designers and installers, the Trade Ally Award recognizes an organization for its part in driving the growth of green jobs and for supporting the clean energy infrastructure.

Outreach Partner of the Year - HelpLight NJ
The Outreach Award recognizes efforts to build awareness of energy efficiency and renewable energy measures by extending the message of clean energy to a wide audience in the hope of influencing others to make wise energy decisions that reduce our impact on climate change.

Market Innovator of the Year - Petra Solar
The Market Innovator Award provides recognition to the organization demonstrating new opportunities for reducing greenhouse gas emissions with viable solutions for large numbers of residential, business and/or government facilities.

Local Government Partner of the Year - Bergen County Utilities Authority
The Local Government Partner Award recognizes the role the state's local government officials play in promoting the wise use of energy to residents and businesses in their community. These officials' commitment to spread the message of clean energy and build awareness of programs that reduce energy use has been described as "critical" to the success of New Jersey's Clean Energy Program.

Energy Educator of the Year - Rutgers University
The Energy Educator Award recognizes a school, college or university for its efforts to improve the energy efficiency and use of renewable technologies in their facilities and for implementing specific programs and activities to involve students and include energy education in their curricula.

Business Leader of the Year - Harrah's Entertainment, Inc.
The Business Leader Award recognizes an organization that sets solid goals and follows through with real solutions to reduce energy consumption. The Business Leader of the Year Award also recognizes the importance of promoting the message of saving energy to workers and driving a corporate culture shift that extends to employees' homes.

Clean Energy Advocate of the Year - Daniel Cohen
This newly established award was created to honor an individual that has pursued an agenda to support the development or utilization of clean energy in New Jersey.

Toolbox for Sustainable City Living: A do-it-Ourselves Guide - $12.49

Day 10-14: ACL Fest Grass Sprouts Up in Just a Day

Ok, I think this will be my last daily post of the ACL fest grass. It seems to be doing well but daily pictures of grass are hard to put in my routine! plus, they are being less interesting by the day, don't you agree?! I missed a few days and you can hardly tell.

I did over water it so it is a bit waterlogged right now. I'm hoping I don't have to do anything to soak up the water. If you have pictures of acl fest grass, I would love to see them! 

Day 10
From ACLFestGrass

Day 13 
From ACLFestGrass

Day 14

From ACLFestGrass